Feed Water normally contains impurities which can cause deposits and other related problems such as alkalinity, silica, dissolved oxygen and hardness. A thin layer of scale is sufficient to retard heat transfer, reduce boiler efficiency and can cause the boiler heat transfer surfaces to overheat. When these problems occur, production efficiency decreases, maintenance requirements and costs increases and overall productivity decrease leading to failures.

We provides superior quality boiler water chemicals and specialist additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers. The primary purpose of chemical treatment is to protect the system from such problems as scale formation, corrosion, boiler water carry over and sludge deposition.



Superchem – 4110 Antiscalant

Superchem – 4120 Scale Preventive / Corrosion Inhibitor

Superchem – 4130 Sludge Conditioner

Superchem – 4130 (I) Multipurpose Treatment

Superchem – 4140 PH Booster

Superchem – 4150 Alkalinity Reducer

Superchem – 4160 Oxygen Scavenger

Superchem – 4170 Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor

Superchem – 4180 Fire side Chemical

Superchem – 4190 Fuel Additive

Superchem – 4100 Anti Foamer

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