Boiler Water Treatment & Chemicals


BOILER WATER TREATMENT Feed Water normally contains impurities which can cause deposits and other related problems such as alkalinity, silica, dissolved oxygen and hardness. A thin layer of scale is sufficient to retard heat transfer, reduce boiler efficiency and can cause the boiler heat transfer surfaces to overheat. When these problems occur, production efficiency decreases, Read More

Descaling Treatment & Chemicals


SCALE TREATMENT Scaling is a common phenomenon that occurs due to the impurities present in water. The term scale describes a continuous adherent layer of foreign material formed on the water side of a surface through which heat is exchanged. The descalant has an inbuilt corrosion inhibitor for providing corrosion protection to the metal during Read More

R.O. System Treatment & Chemicals


R.O. SYSTEM TREATMENT Reverse Osmosis is an advanced water purification technology in which almost all water impurities are removed through a semi-permeable membrane cleansing water of all biological impurities, physical impurities, dissolved salts, pesticides, chemical impurities and heavy metals. Reverse Osmosis membrane performance can be negatively impacted by impurities that build up on the membrane Read More

Waste Water Treatment & Chemicals

sewage treatment-waste-water treatment-process

WASTE WATER TREATMENT   The presence of different pollutants in the waste water is necessary to treat before it can be disposed off without producing undesirable and harmful effects. If raw sewage is discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate chemical treatment, water becomes a vector of diseases. Chemical treatment is the process Read More