Scaling is a common phenomenon that occurs due to the impurities present in water. The term scale describes a continuous adherent layer of foreign material formed on the water side of a surface through which heat is exchanged.

The descalant has an inbuilt corrosion inhibitor for providing corrosion protection to the metal during the descaling operation. In addition to this it is a wetting agent for quick removal of scale deposits with deep penetration method. It contains defoaming agents to suppress the foam that is generated during the descaling process.

We provides superior quality Descaling Chemical to effectively removes existing water born scales, corrosion & low concentrated silica scales, cooling hardness and deposits from boilers, cooling tower, heat exchangers, condenser, evaporator, cooling jackets, cooling coils, process vessels, compressors, air conditioning plant, super heaters, Economizers, crystallizers, Dehumidifiers, Air Handling Unit, Chillers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems.



Superchem – 4310 Descaling Chemical

Superchem – 4320 Sp. Descaling Chemical

Superchem – 4330 Descaling Chemical (Powder form)

Superchem – 4340 Passivator

Superchem – 4350 Online Descaling Chemical

Superchem – 4360 Cleaning chemical for radiator, air washer fins etc.

Superchem – 4370 Acid Inhibitor

Superchem – 4380 Floor Cleaner

Superchem – 4390 Resin Cleaner

Superchem – 4300 Scale Softner

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